When Is A Product Ready For Primetime?

When Is A Product Ready For Primetime?

I'll keep this short. I'm still in the middle of pushing lazytech.tv out. I'm over a week passed the deadline. Learning the handlebars language is a piece of cake - it's the built-in helpers on ghost that needed to be learned and somewhat memorized. If I can be really honest, it's also me packing in a ton of crap on the site while not being decisive enough to keep/remove things.

Here's what I got so far:


There are ten crucial items I'm trying to knock out. That's pretty much it. Some could argue that I don't need the ads integrated now but that's actually the easiest. Might as well get paid the moment the site goes live. It's an hour or two of work. No biggie.

Here's a sample of an article on lazytech.tv:


While I could probably release it tomorrow, it would have about seven articles that date as far back as eight months ago that won't provide much value. Whether it's to entertain and educate (or both - which is my hope), lazytech.tv's main goal is to become a resource while still providing a relatable backdrop that is not only endearing but engaging. Finding our angle/voice as we continue putting out content will be our biggest challenge. Hopefully, living in the Bay Area and near Silicon Valley will help us find it faster.

Anyway, so when is a product ready for primetime?

I believe that time comes when you feel that you can give your first best impression without major problems, errors and obvious omissions. I don't want lazytech.tv to look like it's trying. I want people to know we're serious about producing good content and that comes from seeing a site that doesn't look like it was installed yesterday. That being said, you don't want to get stuck with a moving deadline either. Steve Jobs released the original iPhone without MMS and copy-and-paste.

I wanted to use Ghost as the platform of choice for blogging. It's a better way to write and is based on using the latest technologies and frameworks. However, it's young and its current selection of themes currently suck as of this writing. Now we have one theme that really shows it off. Here's a peek (and it's an updated one):

Here's to 2018.

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