So What Has Happened In The Last Seven Months?

So What Has Happened In The Last Seven Months?

Easy. I've found that we've accumulated some debt. So, I went back on the market, found work and mashed away. Now, it's not the kind of debt that would put you on the streets or make you consider bankruptcy but the kind that would put some risk on a project. The goal is to never have any. Alas, it was my way to get back on track on things. It was one of those deals where I didn't just feel as safe going about starting another project. Of course, my wife and I talk about this constantly and one of the big issues is staying disciplined. While the debt is still there, it is under control at this point. I'm still working and I feel that I'm ready to restart my project.

So, I talked to my younger brother (who I feel is a pretty good damn listener and advisor to boot) he says that the job "is just a distraction from my main goals". He's right. For a moment, I was tuned into whole idea of working until retirement. While that's not knock on anyone that simply wants a steady job and is happy with decent earnings, I wanted to deliver on something else. It would be disingenous to tell my kids to go after their dreams if I wasn't going after mines.

That's pretty much the end of that.


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