Hacker Notes Updated With New Theme

Hacker Notes Updated With New Theme

You likes? It has Disqus Comments built-in and that's pretty much it; I wanted a more bloggy feel.

This is what the site USED to look like.


Now click this.

Very familiar right?

I was mostly using a default theme by the developers of Ghost. It used to not bother me. Then it did. Hence the change.

Now there are still a few things I still need to do with this blog, like updating the Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet crap that is littered in parts of the theme along with replacing Mr. Banner Spot with something and updating the font styles on the style sheet to get my logo back. If I had one nag, it would be a staging area or at least a preview button. But that's mostly on me rather than the Ghost platform. I could build another box or do it all virtually but server environments matter - and I have no idea what kind of stuff is running at Ghost.org. But, ultimately, this works - for now.

I don't have a ton of traffic. At least not yet.

Programmatically, Ghost is beautiful - especially when it comes to its simple framework. I love knowing that I don't have to deal with weird shortcodes or layouts breaking when I move to a new theme. This is probably something that Wordpress could never do when someone is even just a few hundred posts in.

As long as Ghost sticks to the Markdown Way Of Writing instead of the Wordpress way of doing things I'm good. My hope is that the Ghost team does not get carried away with apps that change this or reintroduce shortcodes like the way Wordpress has done it.

Looks like another post is in order.

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