What Happened The Last Two Years

What Happened The Last Two Years

Looking at my last post, I'm finally deciding to get back on the saddle and write a thing or two. Clutter, which is one that took awhile, is one my wife and I don't want to go back to. It is an going battle of changing mindsets - and some in cases fighting the current culture of constant consumerism.

There's just too much stuff. But it invites a few questions...

What is the value in all of this stuff?

So I did what most people would do nowadays. I Googled it.

There's no shortage of things recommending which way to go to have a satisfying life. You got minimalism, religion, etc.

However, after millions of a lot of internal and intimate discussions with the family, we have centered around two things that keep us satisfied and happy:

Family and Community

We define the Family part as things most typical families do - spend time with each other. Do things together. Teach each other. Learn from each other. But most of all - listen. With COVID still pretty much still in play, we've had to get creative at home but it hasn't stopped us from doing things outside.

Community is the bigger piece that the Family extends into.

I think of community as the extended family, close friends and eventually those who care about the same issues you do - especially locally. People like your school's teachers, its principal, etc.

Also, I'm thinking voluntary-driven and team building things like Little League Baseball, the local dance studio, the Boys and Girls club and other volunteering type activities that help strengthen the town.  There's a whole bunch of things you could get into from non-profits that support cancer survivors to the homeless.

Even just doing things like little league opened my wife and I up to new people who want mostly the same things and want to help to make things a little better for everyone else.

And, to us, that's satisfies us more than anything we can stuff our home with - and that's kind of where things are right now.

That said, it's good to be back.

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