Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everyone

Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everyone

This pic is the perfect metaphor for it. Entrepreneurship is a long road. You can't quite see the goal you're after but you know it's in the direction of where you're going. The road could either be boring or exhilarating, distracting or focused, endless or inevitable. You could turn around, park or keep going.

You could decide to binge on several Netflix shows or write up that business plan that's been marinating in your brain. You could browse the web and get sucked in outbrain links or draw up the interface for your next app. Entrepreneurship is not the right idea, it's about execution. Anyone can come up with an idea, but not everyone can execute it. The reason most can't execute is because they don't know why they are doing it.

It's not about money. It's about meaning.

Money comes later - not now. If you need money now because you're in dire straits, stop what you're doing, figure that part out first (e.g. get a job) before you dive into anything like this. If you're buried in clutter, deal with that too.

The chances of making it are low, so you should know this going into it. This road is crowded with various teams all going at various speeds and you can't afford to stay in the pit stop too long. Think of it as a Formula One race - except that there are a thousand cars.

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Some will take chances and you may be forced to do the same. All will be driving in the same direction but not many know why they're doing it. Make sure the reason you're doing it outweighs the reason not to. Some drivers want to be fast while others want to be the best. But one driver said it best.

"I have won this race because I am alive" - Maria de Villota

If you can't live without doing this entrepreneur thing, that's a big piece of it.

Squarespace Founder, Anthony Casalena, took a year to build the software. Then it took another three grueling years to develop, design, answer tickets, setting up servers, managing databases and more - all in his dorm room by himself.

If you're in the right mindset with the right reasons and ready to commit, keep on going. Eventually, you'll get there.

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